We are Essential Droppers!

We’re so excited about our first Blog! We are still working on improving this site please bare with us. Audrey and myself and founding members and we are very thrilled to have created a platform whereby everyone can come view and share information from our blog and hopefully spread the work on the benefits of Essential Oils. We host “Oil Parties” every now and then (please keep checking into our Events and Workshop page) where we can get the chance to get to know you and you get to sample all these amazing natural remedies that God has given us!

A good place to start is to sign up to our newsletter (don’t worry we will not bombard you with emails and we take your privacy very seriously) but we will keep our emails to a monthly affair and you will be equipped with lots of information, suggestions and tried and tested testimonies that we personally have discovered or even just something we stumbled upon on the internet.

We’d love to hear from you feel free to contact us by email. In the mean time live a healthy happy life!

Sheila & Audrey