Wool balls over fabric softner

Yay! This is finally here to revolutionise the way I do laundry. For years I hav been obsessed with having my clothing and towels come out smelling like a bed of roses. 

Priorities change when you get educate on the harmful nasties that are acutal present in a softener. The way I used to bury my face in my dry stack of freshly washed and dried towels now make me feel rather sick. Just google “Harmful effects of fabric softner” and you can get a sea of information on what actually Is being left on your clothes after it has been rinsed with Fabric Softner. 

Back to the wool balls. They are actually dryer balls that softens your laundry while it tumbles in your dryer. I basically still use normal washing laundry liquid but replace the softner with just vinegar. I add a few drops of EO of my choice here. Not too much. 

Once laundry is washed and cleaned, ;the vinegar smell is completely gone!) you might get a hint of your EO and vinegar is in a way acting like a softner so it leave your clothing smelling naturally clean apart font chemically clean – check out the difference. For my towels and t-shift and kids clothing, I place them in the tumble dryer with the wool dryer balls drop some of my favourite EO on them (Lavender is my favourite). 

Try this for yourself especially if you have family members with skin conditions like eczema and allergies.