All About Thieves!

Thieves Essential Oil – Young Living’s most popular blend of oil. The one that has inspired many companies to recreate their version of it.  Because of it’s powerful properties, it made sense for Young Living to create an entire line of Thieves house-hold and personal care products.

Our families have switched out all the commercial, toxic chemical cleaners and personal care items. Toxic-free, plant-based and essential-oil infused. Easy. Safe. Effective.

A Young Living Thieves Story –

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DIY Workshop at Tin Hill Social brought to you by BLEND

We’re excited to announce that Essential Droppers will be participating at the Tin Hill Social event organised by the lovely team from BLEND!

We’ll be conducting DIY Workshops throughout the day. We have allocated 3 time slots for our workshops and within it for just $10 you could choose to learn how to blend together your own personal choice of DIY mixes, how to use Essential Oils to create some of the common household products that you would probably use on a daily basis. The beautiful thing about this is that it is all ALL NATURAL and made by YOU.

You could choose from:

  1. A Luxury Body Scrub
  2. Deet-Free Bug Spray
  3. Plant Based All Purpose House Hold Cleaner
  4. Calming Roller Blend and/or
  5. Personalised Face Cream

Click here for more details about date and timings of our workshop. Remember to sign-up for our oiling events newsletter so you will be kept constantly in the loop of this event and any future DIY workshops.

Valor is BACK!

Valor was one of my first loves when I opened up my starter kit three years ago. Imagine my disbelief when my husband’s snoring stopped shortly after using this oil?! Yes, I used it without permission. I was a ninja in the night. That was the beginning of my love affair with oils.

Millions of people across the world are rejoicing over a unicorn bottle of oil right now. It has been out of stock for almost two years. In that time it was reformulated and renamed Valor II. However, it just wasn’t quite the same. Then, just last week Valor made a come back.

Gary Young (Founder of Young Living with 34 years of experience in growing and distilling oils) has found a way to recreate it sustainably.  

Here’s the story of why Valor disappeared :

About 3 years ago, Young Living was growing about 4-6% per year. The company could control the amount of trees and plants that were being planted and they could plan ahead.

But then the company started growing really quickly and the company couldn’t keep up with the 150% growth per year.

The mom and pop partner farm they used to get black spruce from couldn’t keep up with the demand.

Young Living decided to go on the search for black spruce and found a large enough amount that it would have put Valor back on the shelves. But when tested, the oil came back within the “good” limits but it wasn’t “excellent”. So Young Living passed on it and continued to search until they decided they would rather spend millions of dollars to buy a huge acreage of black spruce up in Northern Canada. They built a distillery and then a water filtration system to ensure the water for distilling was pure.

Then, blue tansy had a bad season and Valor was put on hold again.

Rosewood was then found to be close to becoming an endangered species so the search started for an oil that would be sustainable but also have the same qualities as rosewood. Young Living finally found a farm to partner with that is giving us camphor wood oil.

And now, it’s back! (Many are giving a BIG sigh of relief)

Young Living has lost approximately $100,000,000 (no, that zero key is not sticky) by not having Valor available for sale. But Young Living never compromises quality, purity or sustainability to make a buck. They would rather be out of stock than have subpar products for their members.

That’s my kind of company! So here we are, almost two years later and the oil that has supported strength, confidence, courage, quiet nights of sleep, and supports the body’s ability to align itself is now back. For many, this oil is the difference between being alive and LIVING.

Want better quality of sleep?

In the ever fast-paced city life we lead, I have heard many people gripe about how tired they are and how badly they need a good night’s rest. Often poor quality sleep is a result of stress, anxiety, depression or hormones which can lead to more chronic problems in the long run. As much as we’d all like to have better quality of sleep, many of us are unable to achieve it easily or consistently.

I’m fortunate that I don’t experience much stress, depression or hormonal issues since taking a more holistic approach to my life, but as a full-time mother juggling a home-based business, feeding my insatiable desire to learn new things related to health/holistic matters and meeting new people, I usually find myself struggling to stay awake by the end of the day. By the time I hit the sack I am beyond exhaustion. Then I’m up early the next day due to the demands of family, love for my job and the cycle continues. Thankfully essential oils have helped me to sleep soundly and wake up more rested despite getting less than I should. Essential oils are able to calm and relax you as well as support your body’s natural ability to restore balance, also known as homeostasis.

Essential oils are often referred to as the life-force of plants. Its use has been documented for thousands of years. They are extracted from plant materials through different methods – steam distillation being one of the main ones. They are far more potent than dried herbs, and their molecules are so tiny that one drop when applied topically on our skin can permeate our tissues and every single cell in our body.

By learning about the properties of the oils and their effect on different systems of the body you’ll be able to identify the essential oils suitable for your situation. In this case, we would look for oils that have a calming effect on the nervous system. Some of the most effective ones are Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Neroli, Cedarwood, Bergamot, Valerian, Marjoram, and Ylang Ylang.

Blending two or more oils has a synergistic effect and can actually be more effective than using one oil alone. Once you have selected your oils, the goal is to get them into your body either through the skin (topically) or through the olfactory system (aromatically):

1. Topically – dilute with a carrier oil (organic, unrefined cold-pressed vegetable oil) and gently massage on the bottom of your feet and legs, wrists, back of your neck, and even your ears. The carrier oil will help the essential oils travel through the skin and enter the bloodstream, where it will circulate and interact with cell receptor sites, enzymes and neurotransmitters.

2. Aromatically – as you apply the diluted oils to your skin, the odour molecules attach themselves to the olfactory nerves in your nose and impulses are transmitted to the limbic part of your brain – the emotional control centre. This control centre influences stress levels, emotions and hormone balance amongst a myriad of other physiological functions. Be sure to also cup your hands over your nose and mouth and breathe deeply. Using a cold-mist diffuser is also very beneficial. Add a few drops of the oils into the diffuser, sit back and let your senses enjoy. You don’t want to heat or burn the oils as this destroys the therapeutic properties of the oils.

When choosing essential oils it is so important to know your source. Many are adulterated with additives or fillers but are still labeled as pure essential oils, which is extremely misleading. Note that perfume or food grade oils are not pure enough. Find out about the company – make sure it is personally involved in the farming and cultivation process, use stringent distillation processes, and do lots of internal and third party testing to ensure purity and potency. Ask lots of questions. Visit the farms and distilleries if your heart so desires!

Our choice is Young Living Essential Oils because of their Seed To Seal Promise.

Essential oils work differently for everyone due to body chemistry, so it may take a little experimenting to find your ideal blend. But it’ll be so worth it. Wishing you sweet dreams and a restful night’s sleep!

Love & Light

What We Do…

This is us and this is what we do! We have to be the amongst the most blessed to actually say that we love our job! Our Essential Droppers team really know that work and play really can mix.

We had a lovely turn-out of mothers and grandmothers all very eager to know more  about essential oils and it’s uses on children. Thanks to our friends at Memento Café for hosting us and creating some amazing food for us all to enjoy while we Mixed and Mingled. We covered some requested topics: Chemical Safety, Immunity Support, Emotional Support, Restful Sleep and Optimal Learning oils for kids.

Check into our Events and Workshops page to see what is upcoming!


Essential Oil for Children

Ever wanted to know how Essential Oils can benefit the well being and boost immunity for our little ones? Nature has provided us with all the natural ‘defenders’ we need that works in harmony with the environment and as well as our wellbeing. The time has come for us to understand that in this day and age we are ridding our children with some very harmful chemicals every day.

This workshop is one step in educating us Moms and Dads into understanding that now more than ever we need to look deeper into the integrity of the companies we are purchasing from and exactly what goes into the making of their food or product. At the same time understand that there are natural organic Essential Oils that you can use to maintain optimal health and some ways as an alternative to of the shelf chemical ridden products.

Click below for the invitation where you can save a spot to the event.
>> Essential Oil for Children <<

Looking forward to seeing you there.