RevOilution is 6 days away!

RevOilution is in it’s 3rd year running. It is a free event held by Young Living at Suntec Convention Centre. It is a holistic revolution created with the intention to educate and empower people to lead a life of wellness. There will be activities for both for adults and kits; lots of free workshops on different topics and fitness sessions held by experts in their field; Ningxia Red bar which will fuel you with energy and vitality; and an opportunity to purchase the products. I’m going to be there for most of it as the learning (and fun) never ends. I have booked myself into a Raindrop Therapy Session in the morning and I’ll be attending Sheila’s gentle yoga flow session later in the afternoon! In between I’ll be exploring the booths and the talks.

Check out the activities, program and more here –

We hope to see you there!

xoxo Audrey

The Good Life – Lemon Droppers

I would go out there to say it that if you are reading this it’s probably because you are loving your Essential Oils and have seen some of the amazing benefits the oils have brought you. If you are a member of Young Living and have joined through an Essential Dropper then … CONGRATULATIONS! You are part of the Lemon Dropper family.

Once upon a time there was a lady called Lindsay Teague Moreno. She was a mother of 3 girls and enjoyed scrapbooking her life as a wife and mother – no big deal… Until one day, someone introduced her to Young Living’s Essential Oils and like you and me, she fell in love with the oils instantly and could not stop raving about it.

True joy comes when you stumble upon something amazing like these oils and have access to share it’s magic with everyone you know so they too will be able to have the same benefits with these oils.  That is what Lindsay did when she created her first “replacing your medicine cabinet” post (before compliancy came about then she had to take it down…) and from there things went CRAZY. Read her accidental pay-check story here.

The Lemon Droppers team started to grow to a whopping 380,000 members strong in just 4 years! This is the largest and fastest group of members in Young Living. As a group (that includes you) The Lemon Droppers love our Essential Oils so much that all of us combined generate a monthly $2million worth of sales. (Imagine the farms and opportunities we are creating together as part of this amazing team) while improving the wellness of our family and the environment at the same time.

Check out our numbers taken in November 2016

Lindsey personal beginning is something we are all familiar with and something we can relate to. Through Lemon Droppers, this group has opened doors for so many other women, providing members with tons and tons of support and most importantly creating a brand and being part of an awesome Tribe.

Personally I feel so blessed to have been called into this circle of amazing, powerful, and humble group of beautiful women from all backgrounds. How I got to know about the oils was very accidental, perfectly timed, well crafted that only God could set-up for me. Which is why I will always choose to be ‘that oil lady‘.

Here are some of the available collaterals which has helped me that Lindsay has provided:

If you guys are keen to jump on the business bandwagon and start looking at this as a business the ‘non-salesy’ Lemon Dropper way,  let me know I would be happy to add you into tons of free ‘momtrepreneur’ closed group Facebook pages and Lemon Dropper resources.

Remember to set yourself goals and to take it one step at a time.


How to have a chemical free home and life!

I recently returned from Young Living’s 2017 Convention “Fulfill Your Destiny” in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was extremely informative, enlightening and loads of fun! I couldn’t soak up the information fast enough. One of the talks I attended (Chemical Free Home) inspired me to write this piece. Some of the content are notes/slides I took down from the speaker and some I gathered from my own research. I hope this will help you to understand the urgency of moving away from conventional off-the-shelf products to plant-based products.


Fragrance is the new second-hand smoke. It is insidious and pervasive (like cheap perfume!). Like the frog-in-the-pot parable, many of us will not notice the danger until it’s too late. What you put on your body or inhale into your body is as important as your diet and exercise routine.

If you’re using scented candles, dryer sheets, fragranced sprays, air fresheners, perfume, scented hand and body wash, conventional household cleaning products then you are practically exposed and awash in fragrances 24 hours a day!  It is absorbed through our skin and into our blood stream, settling in our organs and accumulating over time.

Fragrances (and parfum) are made up of hundreds of synthetic chemicals – many of which are endocrine disruptors. Thousands of scientific peer review studies have linked these chemicals to diabetes, obesity, liver and breast cancer, hormone disruption affecting fertility and development, ADD/ADHD and Autism, asthma, allergies, and so many other health issues/disorders.


A few links to scientific backed evidence of chemicals found in cosmetics and the effect on humans –

Lotion ingredient paraben may be more potent carcinogen than thought

Asthma in Inner-City Children at 5–11 Years of Age and Prenatal Exposure to Phthalates: The Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health Cohort

Just because it’s sold in a shop does not make it safe! Fragrance secrecy exists because there is a giant loophole in the Federal Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1973. Companies are required to list cosmetics ingredients on the labels but exempts fragrance! As a result, there is no way for a consumer to know what ingredients are really present – hundreds maybe thousands of endocrine disruptors!

The European Union has banned over 1,300 ingredients from cosmetic products alone, while the FDA has only banned or restricted 11. The US works by the premise innocent until proven guilty. Personally, I don’t want myself or my family to be the guinea pig. Do you?

There are currently around 80,000 chemicals that exist on the market. Only the first 90 have been tested and removed. It will take literally decades to test them all!

Women use on average 12 products every day. It adds up over time. This is what we term bioaccumulation. You’re fine until one day something suddenly happens….

Did you know that the chemical DDT is still found in Americans’ blood after it was banned 40 years ago?! Seriously!

What can we do then?

You can’t do better unless you know better! Become aware. Focus on the chemicals you can control such as body lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, bath/shower gel, shampoo, household cleaners.

The Dirty Dozen – Avoid at ALL cost. Use the Think Dirty App to become aware of which products are dirty. Use the EWG website to educate yourself on products and ingredients.

Take note of what you use frequently and replace those products first. Choose 3 this month. Replace those first. Repeat this every month. Start with the kids. Take a look at Young Living’s Kidscents or Seedlings baby range of products.

Conventional synthetic-laden cleaners make indoor air 5-7x worse than outdoor air! In fact 80% of pollution we’re exposed to comes from INSIDE our homes!

Just removing all products with fragrance as an ingredient will immediately improve air quality in your home.  Take charge of your family’s health and wellbeing – ditch and switch!

We use the Thieves plant-based oil-infused household cleaner and product range. Free from toxic chemicals, it keeps my family safe and gives me complete peace of mind. Who has time to read all those labels out there?! Go with a company you can trust.


Did you know that absorption in your mouth is way faster than through the skin?! You want to be sure to use a toothpaste that is free from fluoride, dyes, synthetic perfumes and SLS!

Make sure you wash your produce well! The speaker shared with us a story about a truck driver. He shared how he transported animal manure on his truck followed by fresh produce immediately after without cleaning or disinfecting the truck in between!  Yikes!

Will changing out my cleaners to a plant based cleaner make a difference? YES YES YES!

A study was conducted on people who switched out personal care products for 3 days. In that time they found a 30-40% drop in the chemicals found in their body!

After 1 year on plant-based products like the Thieves range, I know you will have a huge change in your health as a result.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, blissful life!