Airplane Mode – Diffuser Hack

Airplane Mode – Diffuser Hack!

No, I am not sick 😂… I am just on a flight. I absolutely love to travel, and I love traveling with my family. However, I am always a little wary of the flight and mostly the recycled air on planes, its not like we can open a window for some fresh air…not to mention the lovely coughing passenger sitting in the row behind us!

So introducing my Diffuser Hack for a breathe of fresh air! Literally, on this last trip, I did 1 drop of R.C. in the middle of the inside of the mask and Breathe 🌬🌬🌬! It lasts about 30mins or so and you can add another drop as you wish to top up. I have to say I actually felt better when I got off the plane! I am bringing this with me every time now and will make sure I pack a few spare masks for the poor coughing passenger…!!

For kids, you might want to use lavender… so when it comes to sleep time, perhaps it might help them nod off a little earlier 😉

Some variations to try:
– Frankincense
– Thieves (but use sparingly, it might be a bit too spicy)
– Melrose
– Idaho Balsam Fir 
– Orange
– Citrus Fresh
– Purification 
– Even Stress Away

or your favorite oil to diffuse. Let me know what your favorites are!

** probably best NOT to use peppermint as it’s quite a hot oil… and the mask is usually in contact with your skin.