Cheers to all Women Warriors but First Let’s Fill our Cups!

We have all heard the aircraft stewardess repeating this time and time again before every take-off. “In case of an emergency the cabin pressure drops, oxygen masks will be released. If you are caring for a child, make sure you put on your oxygen mask and secure it before attending to your child.” It’s a no brainer really when you think about it, being passed out from lack of oxygen is not going to help anyone let alone the child that you are caring for.

Women are biologically the nurturers and caregivers where men are the protectors, providers (and in my case, the fixers). So don’t be upset when your husband is naturally clueless with what to do when you are sick in bed when instinctively you know how to care for a sick family member. It’s just not in their genetic programming.

When I say nurturers and caregivers, this includes, being the problem solver, the transport guy for pick-ups and drop-offs, the cook, cleaner, the all night nurses and the worriers. This is why men get credited if they can fulfil at least half (or one of these tasks) – and vice versa of course. The same goes for a women who knows her way around the tool box or holding down a career while raising children. I hope you get where I’m going with this….

As the Nurturers and Caregivers of our species, we women need to look after ourselves, as in, we need to refill our own cup from that fountain of nourishment in order for us to be the best nurturers we can be for our families. Women have so much to give in society, we are raising the next generation and so our actions and thoughts have a heavy responsibility in how our children think and behave as adults. So here are some things I’ve come to stop and take notice of myself.

Nourishment for Mind and Body

  1. It doesn’t matter if it’s Fifty Shades of Grey or an inspirational book. Both works depending what the intention is. Sometimes I like to numb the brain by reading a trashy romance novel, and a-lot of the time I love reading Ladyboss books! Something with good tips on how I can better myself and my business. Either way, reading a good book has this ability to transport your mind out of it’s constant internal chatter into something external and open it up to greater possibilities. The Alchemist – was THAT book for me.  Some essential oils that I like to put on my necklace diffuser is Ylang-Ylang and Believe to bring focus.
  1. This is as broad a word as I can use to represent overall body health. Our body is our form by which our soul resides in to carry out our life’s work. So, we all know that having a full functioning healthy body will help us make life a lot easier. I will not touch on everything but I’ll just say, make educated decisions in what we put into our bodies and taking notice of what comes out. Our muscles need strengthening too in order to support our bones and joints so hydrate and be active – always! Find an activity that’s enjoyable for you. For me it’s Yoga, fitting time to practice  is key as I know I’m giving my body some attention and pushing myself to improve in strength, so every time you practice, make that practice worth your time.  Supplements like Ningxia Red, and the Vitality Range of Essential Oils and Vitamins helps my body function in it’s most optimal level. Everything Young Living is about living a healthier life. So hence why I’m in Young Living for the long haul!
  1. Putting your best face forward at all times. I remember my mom’s advise to me was to alway present yourself well as you’ll never know who you are going run into. It’s true what she says, although my misconception with this whilst growing up was to conform to what society think is beautiful. What I know now for sure is, Beauty is primarily about Confidence. Uh-Huh! your confident self is smart and knows that looking after your skin, dressing well and being kind is your beauty kit right there, and because being nasty is just Ugly. PERIOD!
Nourishment Your Soul
Aligning Yourself With Your Source
  1. For me meditating over reading the Bible is something I wish to do daily but don’t and it’s something I need to prioritise. For others there are other ways of finding your source. Meditating is one way to do it and there’s so many ways to go about doing it. Taking walks in nature, sitting by the beach, giving yourself a bath with candles… Find time alone (yes, sometime a phone detox is good too) to connect with your source. Scents like Frankincense, Cedarwood, Lavender helps with grounding.
Create Human Connections
  1. Two Women Hugging Outside

  2. One thing I love about what I do is that I get to meet people and have opportunities to have authentic connections. Hugging is known to create a chemical release in your body that relaxes you and makes you happy. We were made for human connection and the secret is… Be Vulnerable. No connection can be made with your ego involved. Conversations with friends over coffee to me is one of my all-time favourite things to do. Calling one person a week whom you’ve not spoken to for a long time opens up so much positive energy for connection. Even sending prayers out to people is pretty cosmic as you might find that person at the other end of the world would feel that connection too.
  1. Choose Love over Hate, because as Will Smith puts it so eloquently in his song ‘Just the two of us’.

“Throughout life people will make you mad, Disrespect you and tread you bad. Let God deal with the things they do ‘Cause hate in your heart will consume you too.”

So there, these are of-course my thoughts this cold Saturday morning. If you have anything else to add. Experiences and advise of your own.. (pleas keep it positive ; ) ) please leave us a comment! Sx

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