Just a little about Arnie:
Hi Ya! I’m Arnie Angriani. I am a full time working mom and a mother of 3 beautiful bubbly bouncy boys Adam, Joshua & Myles. I love all thing nice and beautiful and I am a firm believer of the phrase – “Let Food Be thy Medicine!”

When and how did you get involved in oils:
My relationship with essential oils started after I gave birth to my eldest son Adam in 2011.  As I had to work, I had to place Adam in to child care (9am-5pm). Soon after being in child care Adam fell ill very frequently and had Hand Foot Mouth Disease, Stomach Flu, conjunctivitis (to name the few) with the frequent visits to the Paediatric and frequent dosage of antibiotics and the colourful cough syrup and the drowsy nose unblocking syrup.

The combination of work and a sickly baby -toddler was not an easy one with round the clock medication and the “I think we need to drive to the hospital now at midnight cos his temperature is rising” situation. It tired my husband and I and it weakened our immunity.

Coupled with lack of sleep our productivity at work dropped and the vicious cycle repeats itself.   It worsened when I was carrying the second child and my worries grew if Adam will pass what he caught in school back home to Joshua. To Top it all up I read that too much of the antibiotics are not good for the tiny kidneys and that was my calling for the search for and alternative “all natural something” to support the immune system. I found essential oils and I never turned back.

Name your five favourite oils:

  1. Thieves – Supports Immunity for the whole family and the smell reminds me of Christmas somehow
  2. Stress Away – Smells very nice. My friends at work love this as it ease us through work with a smile. At home , it’s a bliss as my kids love the scent and are a couple of notches less rowdy and hyper and we sleep well. I never leave home without it as it also supports my “tension” heart.
  3. Brain Power – This is my other jewel! I get things done and get focused and is my best friend at work. Adam love this with his enrichment classes, school and homeworks.
  4. Lavender – An all-time favourite, its lovely scent just melts you away and it is there with me and my family when there are bruises, bites and occasional headaches.
  5. Valor II – Awww this is my first oil in oiling journey and best friend throughout my pregnancy as it provides me with emotional support!

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