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Just a little about Michelle:
Hello! My name is Michelle. I am an oil enthusiast who loves to explore wellness through natural means. I have a very energetic 9 year old boy who keeps me busy.  I enjoy cooking, crafting, travelling and reading.

When and how did you get involved in oils:

I started to use Young Living oils in 2014 to support the wellness of my family and myself.  I used to have frequent debilitating migraines, caused by stress and hormone imbalance. I worked my way up to 6 Panadol Extras a day in an attempt to ease the them.  It came to a point where it no longer had any effect. So I took more mediation but this lead to other side effects. I decided to take a different approach – one of balance through reducing stress and supporting healthy hormone function. That search led me to Young Living. My first life changing experience was with Panaway, Peppermint and Lemongrass. I loved how they made me feel! These oils have been so amazing for everyone in my household.

Discovering Young Living has played the largest role in my family’s transformation of leading a toxic-free life. Using these oils on a daily basis and replacing other products we used with Young Living’s all natural versions has not just made us feel better each day, but it’s given us peace of mind. I’m confident with what is going into our bodies and in what I’m using on my kid.  We no longer own any unsafe household cleaning products, we also have energy to get through each day, and my tiredness and lethargy is a thing of the past.  Last but not least, the products aren’t just safe, they’re actually key to maintaining our wellness. I have seen how reducing our exposure to toxins have contributed to our family’s health and the endless other benefits that have come about since we started on this wellness journey.

Name your five favourite oils:

  1. Panaway – My go-to when I get occasional aches and pains
  2. Tranquil – Lovely oil that my son & I both love. It is a blend of Lavender, Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile, and helps to calm a busy mind as well as put us in a restful state before bedtime. A bonus is the scent is so pleasant.
  3. Thieves – A must-have! I always have at least 2 spares in my household. I use it twice daily – on my son before school and at bedtime to support our immunity.
  4. Peppermint– My all-time favourite. I use it to keep myself awake or to cool myself down during a hot and humid afternoon
  5. Brain Power – As the name implies, it gives that extra “oomph” if you need to focus on the task at hand. I use this on my son during homework time

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