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Just a little about Rachel:
Hello! My name is Rachel. I’m a digital designer and artist. I am also mum to 2 amazing boys, Ari & Esh. I am part hippie and part tech geek. I love traveling and I am passionate about all things related to health and natural healing.

When and how did you get involved in oils:
My journey with YL Essential Oils started with a bottle of peppermint oil. It effectively helped support long car rides which were quite unbearable for my son otherwise. Around the same time I was also looking for natural and toxic free options for my skin. Let just say it was a landmark birthday around the corner and I was on a little quest for longevity. That is when I was introduced to our friend Frankincense and his buddy Ningxia Red. And the rest is history. The more I learnt about the oils the more amazed and grateful I am to have them in my life. Today YL Oils are an integral support for the overall health and wellness of my whole family, and the journey just gets better and better!

Name your five favourite oils:

  1. Northern Lights Black Spruce– Every time I use this it reminds me of a magical forest. It is wonderfully grounding and uplifting at the same time.
  2. Frankincense – This is a must have for a radiant skin. It is also uplifting and smells divine.
  3. Thieves – The immune-boosting properties of this oil is a staple in our house. I use it daily on my very active boys.
  4. Lavender – There is so many uses, where do I start! Great at night time for my kids. For myself, I work pretty crazy hours. One of my fave things to do in the morning is to apply Lavender around my eyes – bone area for a quick wake-me-up trick!
  5. Peppermint – Wonderful for travelling, great support for digestion and I love it while working out!

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