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Just a little about Sameera:
Mom of 3 boys, Oil Enthusiast
Registered Nurse

When and how did you get involved in oils:
My journey toward natural living has been a long, gradual one. Through a lot of trial and error and discovery, I’ve found that living as naturally as possible is best for me and my family. We now know it’s better for our long-term health, we feel better every single day supporting our wellness with natural products.

Discovering Young Living has played the largest role in my family’s transformation to leading a chemical and toxin free life. Using these oils on a daily basis and replacing other products we use with natural Young Living versions has not just made us feel better each day, but it’s given us peace. I’m confident in what is going in our bodies and in what I’m using on my kids.  I know there are no unsafe cleaning products in the house.  We have energy to get through each day and my tiredness and lethargy is gone. And most of all, I know the products aren’t just “safe,” but they’re actually contributing to and increasing our wellness. I can see that our family’s health is changing and I can’t even count the benefits we’ve seen.

Name your five favourite oils:

  1. Lavender – I apply some LAVENDER on my children. After I started doing this, my kids calm down for bedtime and sleep so soundly.
  2. Thieves – The immune-boosting properties of this one is what keeps it in my bag. I use it daily on me and my boys to help to keep us well and sniffle-free.
  3. Purification – I love diffusing PURIFICATION on a daily basis. It has such a clean scent and literally does what it says: purifies the air
  4. Frankincense – This oil has single-handedly solved the complexion problems I’ve battled for years. FRANKINCENSE is a must have for me for beautiful radiant skin
  5. Ylang Ylang – A drop of YLANG YLANG applie to the hair acts as a natural conditioner and gives it a really nice fragrance

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