How to make your essential oils less effective.

Essential Oils are high in antioxidant properties. They also contain many other system supporting properties. Each oil has a purpose, but they do have a varying ratio of each of these properties. I use them daily to help me detox/chelate/neutralise my body of any free radicals and build up a strong immune system. I believe it has the potential to be the most effective modality when it comes to supporting our immune system.

However…. how effective the oils are at carrying out it’s multi-faceted capabilities will depend on many factors. For e.g.: how is my diet? do I eat a lot of fried food full of saturated omega 6 fatty acids? am I drinking too much alcohol or sodas? is the air I’m breathing clean (internal and external air!!)? am I using products laden with toxic chemicals on my skin and in my mouth? Fun Fact: an average home has more indoor air pollution than the outside.

If we are bombarding our bodies with undesirable chemicals, then much of the oil is being used up to neutralise those chemicals. And as it is doing this, it is depleting it’s ability to do other functions in other areas of the body. So you have to increase your dose of essential oil to increase it’s functions and effect on your body.

Every day we are exposed to toxic chemicals whether we like it or not. Thankfully, most of the time we are in control of the choices we make. What’s in your deodorant, haircare, body wash, air freshener, toothpaste, cleaners?

Learn what chemicals are damaging to our bodies. Learn to look out for endocrine disruptors in the ingredients list – these are toxic chemicals that disrupt your endocrine system (the system responsible for hormone production) creating an imbalance in your hormone levels, which can then lead to many diseases.


The body’s inability to purge toxins fast enough (toxic burden) lead to a compromised immune system that cannot keep up with the repair work needed to keep the body healthy from free radicals and cell mutations.

Go to EWG’s Dirty Dozen List –…/dirty-dozen-list-endocrine-disruptors…

If you’re one of our members, ask how you can get yourself added to The Essential Switch group in Facebook, to learn what to avoid and how to make the switch to clean products that YL has! this is a support group created for you.

I don’t walk down the cleaning aisle or the personal care aisle in the supermarket or pharmacy anymore. I have replaced all those with what YL can provide that are clear of endocrine disruptors. They have a huge range of products for your every day needs – nothing but clean, safe  ingredients. I have saved myself a lot of time and I’ve invested that money in my health.

Just remember, antioxidants of all forms are SOOOO important!! Fresh fruits and vegetables daily. Oils and Ningxia Red daily too! because they have very high levels of antioxidants and you just can’t get it all in food these days. And get rid of the things that challenge the body in it’s restoration and repair.

What conscious changes are you going to make next to give your immune system a chance?

If you want to learn more about the science behind essential oils and why YL’s oils can’t be beat, you can visit my friend Dr Doug’s group. He’s trained in biophysics and biochemistry and does a great job at explaining things in terms we can understand. This is a great place for those of you who love learning the science behind YL’s oils!