Roller Bottle Stickers

So here’s an idea for those thinking of creating something personal as a gift… or maybe you have created a blend for your son to bring to school but not sure how to excite the little feller enough to get him to use it while you are not around…

How about attaching some really funky personalised labels stickers on them. Let me tell you, presentation is key when it comes to gifting or even to entice a spunky 7 year old to do something. These stickers are sure to brighten up any roller bottle blends. Following up from Rachel’s ‘Just Roll With It’ blog post, our ever creative Rachel Mense is pleased to accept orders!  Please take note that international mailing charges will apply if you are ordering outside of Thailand.

The good news is these stickers are easy and light to pop in the mailbox

Here’s how you can contact Rachel to order these fabulous glow in the dark label stickers. The cost is SGD10 for 8 stickers in 1 color of your choice (not including shipping). You can customize your words but it needs to be less than 8 letters (the shorter the better – they are much easier to apply and reads much better!)

Colour options are vinyl in matte gold, matte silver, matte white and glow in the dark.

…there’s even a glow in the dark version too!!

Hulk (immunity), Bugman (mosquito/bugoff), Magic (happy oils to calm and relax your little monkeys)