Airplane Mode – Diffuser Hack

Airplane Mode – Diffuser Hack!

No, I am not sick 😂… I am just on a flight. I absolutely love to travel, and I love traveling with my family. However, I am always a little wary of the flight and mostly the recycled air on planes, its not like we can open a window for some fresh air…not to mention the lovely coughing passenger sitting in the row behind us!

So introducing my Diffuser Hack for a breathe of fresh air! Literally, on this last trip, I did 1 drop of R.C. in the middle of the inside of the mask and Breathe 🌬🌬🌬! It lasts about 30mins or so and you can add another drop as you wish to top up. I have to say I actually felt better when I got off the plane! I am bringing this with me every time now and will make sure I pack a few spare masks for the poor coughing passenger…!!

For kids, you might want to use lavender… so when it comes to sleep time, perhaps it might help them nod off a little earlier 😉

Some variations to try:
– Frankincense
– Thieves (but use sparingly, it might be a bit too spicy)
– Melrose
– Idaho Balsam Fir 
– Orange
– Citrus Fresh
– Purification 
– Even Stress Away

or your favorite oil to diffuse. Let me know what your favorites are!

** probably best NOT to use peppermint as it’s quite a hot oil… and the mask is usually in contact with your skin.

Chemical Free Home Workshop – Bangkok Thailand

We had a wonderful time this week at our Chemical Free Workshop in Bangkok with Audrey Li! Audrey shared with us wonderful knowledge and great tips about how we can kick chemicals to the curb with our favorite kit oils, we learnt about Young Livings integrity and dedication to the seed-to-seal promise, we even saw first hand the wonderful results of K.Nap experiment with Thieves and a piece of bread!

For the make and take, we made Peppermint cooling sprays, BugOff rollers and a jewelry cleaner made with our very versatile Thieves Cleaner!

We had 20+ people attending despite the pouring rain! Overall a great success, we were having such a good time we forgot to take more pictures 😂!!!! Thank you very much to everyone who attended with such open minds, those who generously brought friends so they could also learn about these amazing oils, we even had friends who travelled all the way from Pattaya to join us 🙏🏻 and a big thank you to Audrey for joining us from Singapore. Looking forward to planning our next event soon! 😁

As always please feel free to message me or the person who added you to this group any questions you may have, we’d be happy to answer them! Have a fab week!


Roller Bottle Stickers

So here’s an idea for those thinking of creating something personal as a gift… or maybe you have created a blend for your son to bring to school but not sure how to excite the little feller enough to get him to use it while you are not around…

How about attaching some really funky personalised labels stickers on them. Let me tell you, presentation is key when it comes to gifting or even to entice a spunky 7 year old to do something. These stickers are sure to brighten up any roller bottle blends. Following up from Rachel’s ‘Just Roll With It’ blog post, our ever creative Rachel Mense is pleased to accept orders!  Please take note that international mailing charges will apply if you are ordering outside of Thailand.

The good news is these stickers are easy and light to pop in the mailbox

Here’s how you can contact Rachel to order these fabulous glow in the dark label stickers. The cost is SGD10 for 8 stickers in 1 color of your choice (not including shipping). You can customize your words but it needs to be less than 8 letters (the shorter the better – they are much easier to apply and reads much better!)

Colour options are vinyl in matte gold, matte silver, matte white and glow in the dark.

…there’s even a glow in the dark version too!!

Hulk (immunity), Bugman (mosquito/bugoff), Magic (happy oils to calm and relax your little monkeys)

Just Roll With It

We had a fun Roller Mania Make & Take workshop in Bangkok earlier this year! It all started because I made these mosquito rollers from Young Living essential oils (totally chemical free) for a friend and her son, and it worked so well she needed to replenish it. They were so easy to make so I decided to do a simple class to show her and other friend how to make them. It turned out to be a super fun morning! With my friends and fellow oilers Teng, Surabhi and Gig joining us to help out!
We love making these 10ml roller bottles as they are easy way to travel with oils not to mention super easy to share as well with friends… and as everyone soon discovered it takes and unbelievable 2 mins to make them. Everyone ended up making for themselves and for their friends.
Most of the oils used are from the amazing Premium Starter Kit oils with a couple of extra oils for added ooomph! These blends are also quite flexible, for example the Hulk (which is for immune support) recipe, if you only have Thieves and Lemon, and no oregano, it is still great, just add a few extra drops of thieves to replace the Oregano!
If using for littler kids, we would always air on the side of caution and dilute, dilute, dilute with carrier oil. You need to use your judgment, as essential oils are highly concentrated. You can start of with using less essential oils and top up with more carrier oil! Experiment, have fun!

Do you want to learn how to kick toxic chemicals out? We’ll walk you through step by step and give easy, simple and affordable tactics that anyone can do with the best essential oils on the planet. This class is FREE and will blow your mind!
We will also have a fun Make & Take Session following the intro, you are welcome to watch or make some items to take with you. There will be a small fee for the items you make to cover the cost of these items.

Our next event is coming up on the 30th of May about the importance of a Chemical Free Home! Please click on the link to RSVP your seat!

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