Dr Oliver Wenker Seminar – Micro Biome (Part 3 of 3)

We have come to the final bit of information taken from Dr Oliver Wenker’s seminar. Well at least from my own personal notes. For those members who went for the seminar and feel there were some key points that I have missed please mention them in the comments section of this post.

Once again I would encourage personal research. If there is something with regards to any information you receive, if you are sceptical about it, do the research yourself. People might be wrong and there could be scientific or testimonial evidence that contradicts what people say. There is a saying that I love that goes, “Believe nothing of what you hear and half of what you see.” ~ Isn’t this quote fantastic!

What is Micro Biome?
  • They are all the bacteria that live in us
  • 90% of our cells are bacterial cells
  • We harbour 100 trillion bacteria in our bodies, and 90% of these bacterias are in our gut
    • That is why our poop is really rich in information
    • The bacteria in our poop decides if we are going to be obese or not
  • Is your DNA your destiny?
    • What you eat tomorrow will effect the health of your great grandchildren
    • What you put in your mouth and how you live your lifestyle decides the destiny of your offspring and their offsprings
    • Antibiotics in some aspects are useful and have documented in saving many lives however;
    • Antibiotics does not cure viruses i.e flu virus
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  • Your Gut
    • 90% of your micro biome lives in your gut
      • Aids in digesting food, consists of your immune system, produces vitamins
    • It makes up of 75% of your immune system
    • Consists of your metabolism

Side Note: GMO Foods started being introduced to the us from about 1990. GMO Changes the way our bacteria work.

  • Glyphosade (RoundUp). This is found in insecticides. Glyphosate is an antibiotic and kills your micro biome
  • It is really important that our gut is doing well
  • DiGize Essencial Oil is very good for your body and the environment in your gut
  • What determines micro biome?
    • Vaginal Birth
    • Breast Feeding
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise
    • Glyphosate Treated, GMO Plants
    • GMO used in the meat industry (antibiotics GMO)
    • Age
    • Stress
    • Medications
    • Water Treatment
    • Geographical Location
  • Gut Formula:
    • 1% bad bacteria
    • food is most important for micro biome
    • more greens in diet
    • Think about your gut micro biome as your own soil. You don’t want to pollute it is processed or chemically modified foods.
the Human Brain

Frontal Lobe: Processes Information
Occipital Lobe: For Vision
Temporal Lobe: Hearing
Parietal Lobe: Pain Processing
Cerebellum Lobe: Balance
Brain Stem: Sex
All these areas of the brain

Two types of phenomena are involved in processing the nerve impulse: Electrical and Chemical. Electrical events propagate a signal within a neutron, and chemical processes transmit the signal from one neutron to another or to a muscle cell.

  • Brain uses 20% of our energy through electrical and chemical pulses to communicate with one another
  • Our brain consists of 90 billion cells
  • Functions at 268mph (That’s supersonic fast!!)
  • Each brain cells connects 40,000 synapses and causes 100,000 chemical brain reactions

Image from http://www.differencebtw.com/

In a nutshell, women have more grey matter where as man have more white matter in the brain.
So there is a difference between a women’s brain and a men’s brain. To understand the difference between a women’s and a men’s brain, click here.


This is where we tell you if you don’t know already ( I didn’t till now) how your gut is connected to your brain.

  • Micro biome and the Brain
    • The brain block barrier in brains blocks toxins from entering the brain
    • Remember that “Gut Feeling” That’s your second brain that located at the gut.
    • Neurogenesis is the process of creating a new brain cells. However guess what, in order to do this you must have a good micro biome.. that’s right, good gut health
    • Hippocampus: The hippocampus is a small organ located within the brain’s medial temporal lobe and forms an important part of the limbic system, the region that regulates emotions. The hippocampus is associated mainly with memory, in particular long-term memory. The organ also plays an important role in spatial navigation
      • Are we saying there is a cure for Alzheimer? I’m going to be hopeful about this and hey, it is involves me only to be having good gut health then why not?! No Brainer!
    • So how can we promote Neurogenesis?
      • Exercising 1/2 a day increases the size of hippocampus
      • Exercising also improves the micro biome by 20% (sweat exercise) – Walking on the other hand is also very beneficial
      • Essential Oils and the Micro Biome
        • Studies have found that not only does Thieves kill bad bacteria in your gut it also improves the good bacteria that remains – Don’t we love nature’s protection
        • Life 9 Probiotics,  Thieves, Di-Gize, Copaiba ( Carry these with you at all times)
      • Remember when I mentioned Males and Females brains are different…
        • Women and men use different parts of the brain to handle the same task
        • Therefore it’s important to take notice of Male and Female hormone regularity
      • Smelling essential oils effects brain waves too

Like I said earlier, it is important to always do your research, Dr Oliver is a researcher that has taken experimenting and researching into his own hands and we have been fortunate enough to have him speak about his findings. It was very rare that he associated his findings with Essential Oils although he did find that EO’s can play an important part in our Gut and Brain health, but what he mostly wanted to put across was the importance of having good gut health as an overall which includes more then just using Essential Oils, it’s about awareness, and what you eat and how often and what type of exercise you do.

I hope this information was useful! If you haven’t already, sign-up below to our oily news.

Love, Sheila

Dr Oliver Wenker Seminar – Thieves (Part 2 of 3)

Continuing from my last blog post on the Seminar I attended with Dr Oliver Wenker. We are moving on to his studies  and tests he has done on our beloved Thieves Essential Oil:

  • Thieves got it’s name from the the Bubonic Plague which back that was highly contagious even by human touch
  • 4 Thieves Vinegar from Marseille were the first product of ‘Thieves’
  • There were many stories about these thieves and Gary Young found it had 4 common ingredients. Clove / Cinnamon / Lemon / Rosemary. Gary himself included Eucalyptus into this mix
  • Test were done where mole spores were released in the air and they diffused Thieves and noticed 90% reduction of mole in the air + it Thieves lasted in the air for one week even after the diffuser was turned off
  • Another study took place where a grounded airline that was delayed in taking off for 3hours and during that 3hours 70% of the passengers got sick from just the air bacteria that was on the place that was grounded
  • Worth looking into Neti pods with the use of x1drop of Thieves EO with your salt water solution to flus out nasal mucus
  • Ever heard of Economy Class Syndrome?
    • This is where you are squashed in your tight Economy Class seat which can cause blood clots of what we call DVT (Deep Vain Thrombosis)
  • Here are some Essential Oils that support Blood Thinning:
    1. Clove
    2. Cinnamon Bark
    3. German Chamomile
    4. Cypress
    5. Eucalyptus
    6. Fennel
    7. Lemongrass
    8. Wintergreen
    9. Basil
    10. Oregano
    11. Rosemary
    12. Thyme
    13. Pine
    14. Lemon
Thieves Cleaning Products

As you might have already read from our previous Thieves posts about Chemical Free Living but here are some additional information taken while listening to Dr Wenker talk about it:

Thieves Laundry Detergent
  • The 20-35 highly toxic chemicals are found in laundry detergent.
  • Some anti-bacterial detergents say they clean bacteria on your garments – well obviously but in fact science found out  that these detergent aren’t very useful in getting rid of the bad microbe but instead washes out the good. Therefore making it worst. Where as in fact you might as well go back to regular soap and water.
  • These chemicals remain on your skin

Thieves Antibacterial Handsoap

Image taken from www.mollieschambach.myoilsite.com


  • Lots of hand soaps claiming to have antibacterial properties have been taken out of the market
  • This is where we check out Thieves’s range of family friendly range of Thieves household cleaning products
  • Thieves household cleaners are;
    1. Plant based formulated
    2. Safe for ‘HE’ (High Efficiency)
    3. High concentrated formula ( up to 64 loads)
    4. Free from dyes, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, optical brighteners and formaldehyde
  • Modern day food
  1. Is Wheat bad for your gut? You have to be the judge, I’m sitting on the fence with this. However has anyone ever said to you to go with your gut instinct? Well, this is where I would recommend you to do your own digging and research in the matter.
  2. Make our bread with non-toxic Ancient Einkorn

How do yYoung Living Members Support Healthy Detox?

  1. They control their body weight
  2. They support cellular energy
  3. They easy week and take care of their gut
  4. They exercise and sweat
  5. They use toxic free body care and oral care products for themselves, their children and their pets.

In my next post I will be writing about his talk on Micro-biomes.… stay tuned!


Brain Function & Weight Loss by Dr Oliver Wenker (Part 1 of 3)


Hi All, thought I’d share some of my notes from our recent seminar by Dr Olli Wenker (interesting name I know). I went there with my mom and my mother in law it was my first time going to a Young Living seminar with a speaker that flew down specifically to dispel his experience and studies about Essential Oil and it’s function on our brains. I’ll have to admit it sounded partially boring and I told my mom and mom in law  that we’ll chose a seat by the isle so if it get’s a bit dry we’ll make a quiet exit….

So turns out it wasn’t. I couldn’t stop writing down as much information as I could gather just by listening and avoiding as much as possible to not take any pictures of the presentation because they didn’t allow photography during the seminar, nightmare. Although I did sneak a few pictures of one or two slides only because I couldn’t write fast enough and I wanted to gather as much pictures as possible. The pictures you see in this blog is not pictures taken from Dr Olli but some visual aids that I researched on the internet for this post as to not bore you to death. But trust me, this is good stuff!

 ….so here goes….

Iman from http://www.edenspaskincare.com

  • Our body is riddled with over 300 toxic chemicals
  • 80 of these we already put on ourselves (esp. woman) before breakfast through, make-up, bath products, creams, serums, etc…
  • Our body consumes 2.5kg of very toxic chemicals every year! (Shocking!!)
  • During the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s the government started approving toxic chemicals into food, cosmetics, you name it products which is why now we are seeing a huge increase in chronic illnesses suck as obesity, cancer, neurological diseases etc. etc.
  • A test has found that a newborn baby just at birth already has 200+ chemicals in it’s body. Thanks mom!
  • Your body weight is a prime indicator of the amount of toxins in our body. (Body Weight = Toxins)
  • Test on breast cancer patents found over 40,000 toxins in the fat remaining in the breasts as compared to non-cancer women. What’s even more scary…
  • Children, on the other hand carry more fat in the brain
  • Women who are exposed to toxins will find that when they produce children generally by the time they turn 7-10years they will likely be obese
  • In order to loose weight you will need to detoxify your body
  • Tests have also found that toxins can remain in your body for as long as 40 years!
  • When you decide to tackle loosing weight you will need to take account of the ‘Brain’. Your hormone can tell the brain to be hungry making dieting very difficult to A. follow & B. maintain
  • One essential oil which helps with suppressing the brain’s desire to ‘feel’ hungry is Stress Away

  • Other great essential oils are Shutran / Grapefruit / Slique. They help by stimulating the
    lambic system of our brain which are like receptors and suppressing the  feeling of hunger
  • Your brain consists of the Lateral and the Ventromedial
    • The Lateral part of the brain are your hunger centre. Calming this part of the brain’s “hunger pangs” can work with inhaling Frankincense and/or the scent of Vanilla
  • Slique / Stress Away / Ningxia Red are some that helps with weight loss
  • Calming the lambic part of the brain makes us less hungry
  • Basically the best way to loose weight is 1) Watch what you eat 2) Work-Out 3) Essential Oils (of course!)
  • Smelling peppermind x3per day can help you loose 3k calories/week
  • Grapefruit increases metabolism
  • Getting less then 7hrs of sleep produces the reeling hormone that actually increases weight gain
  • Toxins are found in fatty tissue so one way in reducing weight is to also reduce your exposure to toxins
  • Every organ in your body i.e. Liver, Kidney, Skin, Lungs, Gut, Brain, Blood Cells are all working hard in trying to get rid of toxins in your body
What are some of the Other ways to Detox

  1. Sweat it out! But remember, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.
  2. Include more berries in your diet *Ningxia Red
  3. Include Seaweed into your diet
  4. Raindrop Technique Massages
  5. Going to the Sauna – Sweating in off from the skin
  6. Go to the dentist and getting rid of your amalgam filling 
  7. Stop taking toxins – ‘Roundup’ found in chemical sprays on food should be eliminated – Go organic where possible

    Image from https://2.bp.blogspot.com

  8. Get rid of Floride toothpaste. Triclosan is a very very bad type of toxin and scarily it’s found in your fluoride toothpaste!
  9. Everything in the mouth get’s absorbed into the bloodstream really fast be careful of what you put in your mouth – Oral care leads to overall heath care

Next up in my next blog I will be dispensing my notes from Dr Olli Seminar on Thieves… Stay Tuned!

BLEND @ Tin Hill Social

This is the first ever time I had such fun participating at a vendor event. Gail and Sara from BLEND were such a delight to work with! Thank you for letting us have loads of fun connecting with people and letting us talk about what we love most and that is working with Essential Oils!

BLEND @ Tin Hill Social

We did a collective workshop of Make and Takes.  We made body scrubs, sleep easy roll-ons,  stress free roll-ons, home made plant based house hold cleaners, deet free mosquito sprays and facial serums… even threw in a special “Cool Me Down” spray as the heat was turning up later in the afternoon.

Essential Droppers and our Make & Take workshop

We laid out samples of Young Living Essential Oils for our Make & Takers to test and decide which they would like to use for their take home blends. We were there to talk through the benefits of each oil and let our guest decide which they would like to use to create their very special ‘personalised’ gift.

Oh! We also had a gift basket full of goodies for a lucky winner!

Personally I enjoyed decorating our bottle most! We had fun labels, sticker ribbons and a creative mind to personalise each of our blends. Note: People will loved the idea and started turning out more blends as gifts!

We ended the evening with choosing our lucky winner to with a fabulous gift hamper full of Essential surprises. If you took part in our ‘Drop for Prize’ name drop, find out if you won here!

Sheila x

Chemical Cleaners – The Effects

To get straight to the point the main concern with toxic cleaning products is the toxic that lingers in the air after you have used them. The hazard symbol on that container of bleach warns consumers about the acute health hazards associated with a single or short-term exposure to chemicals in the product.

Unfortunately there is no concrete requirement for manufacturers to warn consumers about the harmful effects due to long-term exposure of the toxic ingredients used in these household cleaning products. We are all exposed to cleaning products and their low level residues.


I cringe when I think back to how my children used to crawl on everywhere and place their fingers in their mouths or dropping food on the kitchen floor and picking it to put it into their mouths. In my mind I didn’t mind it because I thought my floor was mopped daily and was clean. Personally I am glad that I expelled Clorox Bleach from my home for a while before my children were born. Thinking about the toxic smell that is has is enough to give me a migraine.

When we used these products to clean our home. The toxic fumes linger in the air and we breathe them in. David Suzuki Foundation mentions: ~ Researches in the U.S. identified 133 unique volatile organic compounds (VOCs) entitled from a small sample of consumer products, including six cleaning products. Each product tested emitted between one and eight chemicals classifies as toxic or hazardous under the U.S. federal laws.

Through the skin

Image from http://img.webmd.com

We all know that our skin is the largest organ of our body, including the fact that it is porous it will absorb whatever you put on it. It’s a no brainer, chemicals in cleaning products can enter the our bodies through the skin. We all know it, if you are constantly cleaning the house like me, you really have to stop and think about how much of these chemicals we are exposing ourselves to on a daily basis. The days adds up along with the amount our body is absorbing.

It is important to read labels and get educated with all the standard long term cancer causing ingredients. Eyes on this space, we will be doing a post about this soon (edited: Done).

The Environment

Image taken from ttps://mekongeye.n.openearth.net

When cleaning products are getting washed down to drains and our sinks, we are really causing a serious impact on our ecosystem. I’m guilty of this too for a long time, but fortunately the more informed I became the more guilty I felt every time I poured laundry liquid into my detergent compartment of my washing machine.

What if I told you that the way we have been looking at household cleaners all these years was purely a product of very good advertising. When right under our noses we had basic natural alternatives to cleaning all along that cleans just as well. Young Living have derived an easy plant based natural cleaning solution that actually eliminates the use of 7 various different cleaners all rounded up to one simple Thieves Household Cleaning formula.


This Sunday, 7th May 2017 we will be rallying a Toxic Free Home workshop. In this workshop you will learn how easy it is to switch-up to toxic-free, affordable, plant-based home care products infused with Young Living Essential Oils. Click here to visit our EventBrite page for further details. We will be conducting other rallies to discuss toxic free living, be sure to sign-up to our Oily News Letter below for updates.

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