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What is your ‘why’ for using Young Living.

Just a brief word as to why i chose the Young Living essential oils Company as my primary and ONLY choice in using or recommending essential oils. I know that there are very few small and private companies that produce high quality essential oils in the world and it is a matter of sourcing them. Young Living’s essential oils fit perfectly for what i wanted in a product due to their authenticity and guarantee that they are a pure, 100% chemical free (no solvents in distillation either), wild-crafted and organically grown by sustainable and ecological farming practices: that is, they use absolutely no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or agricultural chemicals of any kind in cultivating and distilling their crops. What a treasure it was for me to find Young Living, a solid 20year old company today who has build a prestigious reputation as well as building many of their own global farms. Some companies have now even mimicked Young Living – using similar messages and formulations – so consumers beware. I finally found essential oils that I did not react to; could trust, apply on my skin, breathe and even ingest them. These essential oils are being used for healing purposes, even in hospitals today, thus their original descriptive word ‘therapeutic’.

D. Gary Young founder of Young Living Company plus grower, harvester and distiller of the Young Living crops, starts with nurturing the soil before planting by using a combination of minerals, organic mulch, manure and enzymes. Today, Young Living owns and operated the largest privately owned organic herb farms in the world now in 9 countries. 12 farms and upholds the prominent “Seed to Seal” distinction in the aromatherapy, essential oil industry. They have shown to have one of the highest standards in the world. All their oil samples are sent to two or up to five independent laboratories for testing, to be sure that they conform to the International (ISO) and (AFNOR) standards for therapeutic-grade essential oils.

But even more powerfully, Young Living set their own high standards of excellence and purity giving a new meaning to genuine, therapeutic grade essential oils – matter of fact D. Gary Young coined the term ‘therapeutic grade essential oils’ back in early 2004. This term was never used beforehand until the founder’s unrivalled expertise on the therapeutic power of the plants as well as his impeccable standards for high quality led to the creation of the world’s largest line of genuine, therapeutic essential oils and blends. Again, consumers beware of mimickers. I like to refer to the Young Living oils as “GTG” (Genuine Therapeutic Grade)!

Obviously, if you can find the same standard of edible and impeccable clean, environmental sustainable  essential oils then by all means, go ahead, they will be a great asset to you. There are some small and few companies that do… Make certain that they uphold to this high standard and you, the consumer, are wise to know a number of factors that make that difference, such as: the dedication of their grower; the location of where the plants are grown, method of farming, use of correct species, proper harvesting methods and the skill in distilling the oils, to name a few (much more is described in chapter 6).

Otherwise you will purchase essential oils that will not offer you all the marvellous benefits for skin care outlined in this guidebook. After all, the essential oil quality as nature provided is everything achieving the desired results of heath and glowing, radiant skin.

So I warn the reader once again: Buyer Beware! Quality products will not be found at the department stores, discount store, drug stores and beauty salons as they rarely contain pure essential oils. Many consumers are unaware that many health food store products or other direct selling essential oil companies contain adulterated oils (oils that have been processed with solvents/chemicals or have fillers/volumizers in them). The suggestions made throughout this guidebook apply to the use of Genuine, authentic and non-adulterated; ‘therapeutic’ grade A Essential Oils. I know that I am stressing this fact of ‘purify’ due to the potential ‘risk’ factor to you the buyer.

The company that I prefer to use and suggest to others – Young Living Company – encouraged it’s members or consumers to visit the company’s own and partnered biodynamic herbal or tree farms anywhere in the world. This allows you to become ‘in-touch” with and become “touched-by” the plants and the land. It was the greatest pleasure for me to meet D. Gary Young. president and founder of Young Living with his wife Mary Young. It was even more rewarding to travel with the Young’s while on expeditions in visiting six of the global biodynamic herb farms. On numerous occasions, I witnessed the farming process from planting of the seeds to the final product with D. Gary Young who gave through the detailed explanations. Hence the company has coined the process ‘Seed to Seal’ in claiming their distinction in the world’s production of essential oils.

Today, I consider both Gary and Mary as my dear friends and Kindred Spirits. I have marvelled at D. Gary Young’s honouring and connectedness to commune with the Nature Spirits (in the plants, the animals, the trees) before planting and cutting the trees. Young Living’s commitment to produce the finest and highest quality essential oils is unmatched in the world today. D. Gary Young is sought after for his knowledge and standards by many global markets.

Aromatherapy in ancient times was used for healing, beauty and medicine and considered a most precious substance that was the basis for trade for hundreds of years as evidenced with the Frankincense Trail documentation. You can become empower and also enjoy the miracles that the botanicals offer on so many levels: mental, emotional and spiritual.

Now go to the mirror and see for yourself, who is staring back at you! Are you impressed? Do you have some mind-chatter going on in what you see? Are you pleased with the way you look? Well, the best motivation for change may be in what you see in the mirror.

I sincerely trust that in this guidebook will inspire you to use herbal foods and essential oils, to continue your search and to further seek the treasures that are given to you from the sweet ‘nectar’ of the plants. In Greek and Roman mythology, the drink of the gods was classed ‘nectar’ – the drink that sustained their beauty and immortality. May you be blessed and enriched by the “essence” of the plants.


“May your heart’s garden awakens boom with a hundred flowers.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Sabrina DeVita, author of Saving Face (The Scents-able way to wrinkle free skin)

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Why is Brand Integrity so Important in this Day and Age

As our world gets smaller, we become more and more overwhelmed with information. We are spoils for choices. Or are we?

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The global essential oil market size exceeds USD6.0 billion in 2015 and it is expected to reach USD11.67 billion by 2022, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

Many new companies are cropping up, jumping on the opportunity to cash in on the world’s demand for essential oils and natural products. Many existing companies are suddenly launching an essential oil range that they have never had before.

How do we sift through all that information and know what we’re paying for is legitimate? – Genuine, unadulterated, and free of harmful synthetics. We could try brand after brand after brand, like many of us have done over the years. Some of us may research to the death, afraid of making a decision in case it’s a wrong one! And then there are some of us that are lucky enough to be educated by friends and family members that we trust, who have already experienced the products for themselves and who have our well-being in mind.

What it comes down to is integrity. Both that of the people we trust and the company those people trust to supply the products. Integrity is the backbone of any company.

The demand for essential oils will continue to fuel demand in the upcoming years. Here are just a few reasons for the growing demand –

  1. There is more awareness and growing consumer preference for natural products as well as health foods
  2. A growing need for spa and relaxation applications to escape the stress of daily living
  3. Higher consumer spending power
  4. Pure natural oils have no side effects like conventional products
  5. Demand for more food and beverage has lead to an increase in production for food-grade oils

Several major companies have products that cut across all essential oils industries – pharmaceutical, chemicals, and food or household products. How do they make enough essential oil to do this? Demand and the supply of genuine oils just don’t add up.

An exorbitant amount of plant matter is required to create a single ounce of oil. Sustainability is a major concern. As one might expect many manufacturers will resort to different kinds of methods to overcome these challenges. This could mean rushing the growth of plants which result in poorer quality plants; using fungicides and insecticides to ward off pests so that crops have a better yield; using cheaper or synthetic ingredients in the bottle to substitute the more expensive pure essential oil; uncontrolled distillation temperatures to get a oils faster which result in therapeutic components being destroyed. The list goes on.


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Let me give you a couple examples of what I mean by cheaper ingredients. Corn Mint. It is the 2nd highest produced oil in the world (supplied to various industries). It smells exactly like Peppermint but is a lot cheaper to grow and distill. Although it has some benefits, it does not have the same potent, therapeutic benefits as Peppermint. Yet it has been sold under the guise of Peppermint by well known companies to their unsuspecting consumers who think they’re getting Peppermint.

Another example of a cheaper ingredient is the hybrid Lavender called Lavandin. This is found in most commercial body and beauty products. The Lavandin plant is hardier and produces more oil than the other higher quality Lavender plants (like the Lavendula Angustifolia which Young Living uses) making it much more profitable for companies. The world production of Lavandin oil is 1000 metric tons per year – 5 x that of high quality Lavender.


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What’s worse than cheaper ingredients? Synthetic substitutes! Using synthetic substitutes is very common. In fact many fragrance/cosmetic quality oils/products will even list it on their ingredients list. What’s more insidious though is the fact that there are companies selling adulterated essential oils as “pure” essential oils. They may do it knowingly or they may not even be aware of it if they procured their oils from a broker. The majority of essential oil companies do this as they do not have access to any farms. Advantages of creating synthetic substitutes include lowered production costs, stable pricing and a constant supply. The problem with this is there are no therapeutic benefits and can actually do a lot of harm to your health.

Since there is no regulatory body governing how essential oil companies should label their bottles, it makes it very difficult for the layman to determine how pure an oil is.  100% Pure may sound attractive but it could mean that only a small % of the content is 100% Pure.  “Pure” these days don’t mean much. In the U.S. only 5% real oil needs to be present to be labeled “100% Pure”!!!

When it comes to constant supply, Young Living may disappoint. When a crop does not yield the right therapeutic components for the oil, or the distilled oils tested do not meet the stringent criteria to be sold, Young Living WILL NOT release it. They will not compromise. They would rather lose millions of dollars than sell a lower quality product and risk a product recall. You simply cannot produce the real thing in a laboratory. Sustainability and Stewardship of the planet is vital to Young Living. That is why Young Living continues to create new farms and also work with partner farms across the world to ensure sustainable supplies of plant material. But it cannot promise constant supply. And that is ok with me. They have many alternative oils to choose from.

Young Living has built a wellness business based on integrity. Something they have done consistently for over 24 years. What started as a home built essential oil distillery by Founder Gary Young (creating essential oils for his own use), is now a billion dollar company supporting the wellness of millions of people around the world. Try it and you’ll feel the difference. Each product is carefully created for a specific purpose. They were never created for the sole purpose of making a profit.

It is pretty hard to match Young Living’s 30+ years of knowledge, research and experience. Their seed to seal promise to families is what sets them apart. They have an open door policy where you are able to visit their many farms and distilleries around the world and see for yourself what goes into that promise. Players come and go. Those that thrive do so because of Integrity.

Here is the Young Living Seed to Seal Promise.

Finding a company with integrity is getting more difficult these days. Knowing what further questions to ask will help you in your quest. Reach out to us to find out what you should be asking.